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Pitmaster's Story

As long as I can remember I have been cooking. If I was bored you would find me in the kitchen with my mom’s Better Homes and Gardens cookbook. I would find something to bake or cook and never seemed to have trouble finding something to share with. In my teens I discovered cooking outdoors, what a glorious day that was. By the age of 16 mom had grown tired of dad’s “That ain’t burnt, that’s barbeque.” and the reins to the backyard grill were passed to me. This helped me discover that the cook is very popular. Fast forward a few years and having tamed both the charcoal and gas grills it was time to move forward. I bought my first honest-to-goodness smoker, another glorious day.

The meats and ribs got better with practice and I never seemed to have trouble filling the backyard with friends and family on a Sunday afternoon. By this time there was a standing rule “If there is smoke coming out of the backyard, show up with a beverage or a dessert , there is always enough for all.” The more people you cook for the more fun you have. Eventually, after coaxing from friends and family, we went pro. We became the barbeque guys at local fairs , events and carnivals. This lead to more coaxing and so now we have a restaurant.

For those of you who did the coaxing, a huge thank you. If you haven’t tried us yet however, come on by, our recipes, rubs and sauces are pretty amazing, you won’t be disappointed. There are few things more fun than a backyard barbeque and that’s what you’ll find at BT’s.

“Come on in, Grab a Drink and Let Us Fix You a Plate.”